ITU Çekirdek Incubation Center Workshops by VP

We are extremely excited to announce that we have partnered with GameTech Program at ITU Çekirdek to provide lectures, seminars, and workshops for gaming startups.


Game Ideation: What Makes a Global Hit?

Regardless of the game genre, accurate and consistent execution of a game's core mechanic is crucial to achieving a successful product. It is seen that games whose core mechanics do not work correctly are not able to hold onto the market. Hyper Casual games focus on a single mechanic. In this respect, it can be produced quickly, and its results can be examined. This workshop plans an exercise around this feature of the Hyper Casual Genre.

Paper Prototyping: Keeping It Simple

Final products in the game industry are formed by processing the initial idea and adding layers to it. Therefore, the starting points are not always perceptible at first glance. Even if sticking to the base idea is not a firm rule, it is important for the comfortable planning of the workflow. Due to the production speed and simplicity in hyper-casual titles, the initial ideas and the end product overlap in a much more legible way. Paper prototypes help us to explore digital potentials while requiring the idea to be planned with simple gameplay.


Hyper Casual & Casual Game Industry 101

The processing methods of game ideas, testing phases of intermediate products, and prototyping cycles have great importance in the journey to a global hit. How industry KPIs and user data are interpreted is one of the key elements behind the profitability of a mobile game. In this context, in order to survive as a company, it is necessary to carefully consider the distinction between the ability to make games and being a game studio.

Learnings From Hyper Casual & Casual

Hyper Casual and Casual games not only provide information about their genre but also develop useful knowledge for many other platforms and game genres. In the context of general user behavior, high-profile consumer formation, and the mass impact of design decisions, Casual and Hyper Casual games have great potential for everyone in the industry.

Last updated at: 2023-06-09