Byrd - AI Based Game Analytics & Production Management Tool

One of the main challenges of game companies is the decision mechanisms in user data and product management context. Byrd*, an integrated artificial intelligence-based analytics and project management tool by Virtual Projects, helps us to achieve the best possible products while reducing the cost of production and operations with its automation systems.

Byrd has these major features all connected to each other:

  • Efficient Player Data Processing
  • User Behavior Analysis
  • Gameplay
  • Predictions
  • Personalized Content Optimization
  • Project/Product/Team Management
  • Testing and Publishing Automation
  • Game Design Suggestion System

There is no direct linking between Apple App Store, Google Play Store, project management tools, game engines, and corporate communication applications. Byrd allows us to singularize the APIs of such platforms and enable them to communicate with each other from a single point. This integration provides automation and improvement in manual data processing and transitions between tools and platforms, as well as ensuring that their own insider information affects each other.

No Code

The disadvantage of data collection and analytics tools in the gaming industry is that their use sometimes requires advanced engineering and know-how. Byrd, on the other hand, sets up and installs all its functionality with just a simple import.

Byrd's integrated operational product and project management tools not only visualize what is happening but also make inferences with the data it provides through our habits. In this way, Byrd, which minimizes the margin of human error, is the most important point of reference for logical decision-making.

Briefly, Byrd is holistic, controlled from a single point, integrating many individual systems, eliminating the disconnection between doing business and business planning with a completely product-oriented mentality and turning it into a single phenomenon for us.

Last updated at: 2023-06-09