A Hit Story - Overloaded!

Generating game ideas from daily life has extreme potential thanks to the natural communication in between the user and the content. The quality of execution is the key factor of such ideas’ success since how you provide the feeling in the game constructs the major connection.

In the case of Overloaded (Ranked #6 US App Store), we have focused on the fluid-like movement of people with simple inputs (tap & hold), and highly responsive visual+haptic feedback. We’ve also added incremental idle mechanics with bonus levels and various vehicle themes into the game to create a basic economy and progression feels.

While we were finalizing initial tests just before the launch, there was a competitor started developing an Overloaded-like game. This event forced us to skip some of the improvements we were planning, but the accomplishment we get here is that Overloaded’s core mechanic has become one of the most creative and leading mechanics in the industry.

Last updated at: 2023-06-09